Hip-Hop, Videos | Azad Right – Self Made [Music Video]

Posted by on February 20, 2014

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Poised with determination and a willingness to succeed, Azad Right showcases his self made talent on his newest video single off his upcoming project, For The Hopeful.  Rick Ross may be the most noteworthy, overweight character to coin the phrase, “Self Made”, but Azad’s resume validates the truth in this record, as he simultaneously pays respect to those who have come before him.

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Free Download: Azad Right – Self Made (Prod. by ChromeBully)

Hip-Hop, Rap | Azad Right – Bad Energy

Posted by on January 23, 2014

bad energy azad

LA native, Azad Right, takes a moment to reflect on the hatred and misfortune that he and his community have experienced in the recent months.  While the majority of hip-hop you probably hear is warm and often even diluted, Azad ensure’s the field that he’s here to offer introspective rhymes fed from the world around him. “Bad Energy” was initially slated to be the outro to his upcoming project, For The Hopeful, but unable to hold this one back, Azad chose to let his fans have an unexpected gift.

If you’re feeling this one, be sure to peep Azad’s live Shade 45 freestyle over Dead Presidents II.

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Free Download:  Azad Right – Bad Energy

Hip-Hop | Azad Right – Now I Know (Prod. By Jonathan Marquez)

Posted by on October 24, 2013

azad now i know fnt

Call it a hiatus, a sabbatical, a comeback, a leave of absence; however you may see it, Azad Right is back like he never left.  The expectations from hip-hop artists has shifted over the past 5-7 years.  Fans expect new music and they expect it often.  Azad took a step back to catch his breath after coming out of the gates with fire.  Time to analyze, work, focus his sound, perfect his craft.  “Now I Know” is a compilation of thoughts, emotions, & knowledge obtained during his time off.  With production from his right hand man, Jason Marquez, who crafted a bellowing beat that kicks Azad’s music career back on track.

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Purchase on iTunes: Azad Right – Now I Know (Prod. By Jonathan Marquez)


Hip-Hop, Videos | Azad Right – Showtime [Music Video]

Posted by on March 20, 2013

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After months of anticipation, the Cali bred rapper, Azad Right, lands back on our screens with his newest visual set, “Showtime”.  Equipped with a ferocious mentality to prove his abilities as a rapper, Azad straps on a camera rig and takes us for a trip around L.A. From Santa Monica to the depths of Hollywood, Azad shows that there is a right way to create soulful, substance heavy hip-hop.  “Showtime” is attached to Azad’s upcoming project, For The Hopeful, slated for a late spring release. Production compliments of Jonathan Marquez.

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Hip-Hop, Rap | Azad Right – I Luv The Way You Taste (Prod. by Shlohmo)

Posted by on January 4, 2013


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Mr. Right, it’s been a minute, welcome back sir.  “I Luv The Way You Taste”, which is receiving West Coast air time as we speak, marks the first single off Azad’s upcoming project.  Despite the suggestively provocative cover art that you may or may not have noticed just yet, Azad insists it’s not as vulgar as one may expect.  Haha.  All I’ll say is that I wouldn’t suggest sharing this with your pre-teen siblings.  With a full plate in 2013 (no pun intended), Azad will surely be turning even more heads than he has in the past couple years.  Expect some BIG records from this L.A. sushi connoisseur.


Free Download: Azad Right – I Luv The Way You Taste (Prod. by Shlohmo)

Hip-Hop | Azad Right – So Impatient ft. Lexy Panttera

Posted by on September 27, 2012

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Paying homage to one of the best to ever do it, Azad Right drops his version “So Impatient” over classic J Dilla with the newest installment of #GetRightTuesdays.  Azad opens up on this track, [earmuffs children] rolling out some R-rated rhymes addressing what he’s looking for in a lady right now.  Attempting to put his “Frank Ocean spell” on the female fan base, this is just another taste of Azad’s versatile artillery.

DOWNLOAD: Azad Right – So Impatient ft. Lexy Panttera

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Hip-Hop | Azad Right – Born To Win

Posted by on September 11, 2012

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With his third #GetRightTuesday release, Azad lets the beat bounce as he balls-so-hard over a ChromeBully beat.  Comparing his performance to some of the NBA and NFL elite, the West coast rhyme sayer reminds us he is very capable of delivering a banger.  Forget the hook, when you’re got bars this heavy, let the Isley Brothers “Spend The Night” sample take you over the bridge.  Stay tuned, this kid has heat coming.

“Killin’ every syllable, the pinnacle of lyrical
The shit I seen it’s a miracle I’m spiritual”

DOWNLOAD: Azad Right – Born To Win (Prod. by ChromeBully)

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