Dubstep, Review | Roughmath – Buzzkill Remixes EP (Ft. Archie Cane, Jarvis, Koven, & Skit)

Posted by on June 10, 2013

Roughmath - Buzzkill Remixes

I have been a huge fan of Roughmath ever since his days as Noir, but today I bring you an awesome conglomerate of remixes of Roughmath’s last EP, “Buzzkill”. Kicking off this remix EP is Archie Cane. I wish he would release more tunes because his style is rarely seen. The into has a bit of a Garage feel to it, but the drop is filthy per usual. My first listen to Jarvis’ remix left me on the fence, it may have been where I decided I would start listening to it. After my second listen with better placement, the track finally came together in my ears. Jarvis’ defined epic for me.

Koven on the other hand catches your attention no matter where you click play. He is still one of the dirtiest up and coming bass producers out there. His drops are full of some the heaviest progressions you will find and Maksim taking point on the vocal turned out to be a match made in Heaven. Last but certainly not least is a remix from our friend Skit. Lately Skit has been pushing out some beautiful Hip-Hop and R&B infused bass tracks that have been revolutionizing how I view each genre. His remix of “Cold” however takes us back through his skills as a Dubstep producer, to say the least it is quite impressive. Roughmath assembled one of the best Remix EPs I have heard in Dubstep in a while. Maybe this will set an example for others to come.


Archie Cane | Jarvis | Koven | Skit

Dubstep | R Rated #64

Posted by on February 13, 2013

CULPRATE - SODDEN (MELAMIN & WICKED SWAY REMIX)I had not heard anything about this remix until it released 2 days ago. It’s a slow but filthy remix, still maintaining the epic vibes from Culprate. A must buy for anyone in love with nasty Dubstep/Breakbeat.


This next track from Archie Cane, Sev & I have been obsessed with for days. It has deep carnival bass but in way we haven’t heard before. In other words, this track is dope.


Virtual seemed to have fallen off for a minute until his most recent releases. I was really feeling the griminess that carried with the vocals and the bass on this track. The drop comes at the most opportune moment and wreaks your ears.


Zanetic brought in an interesting underlaying theme to this track, it is almost middle-eastern. Either way, this track breaks into an insane drop, jam packed with different synths and bass.


Ah, I am so happy I saved this for R Rated. Not many know about Jomekka, but they should. He is one the first people I follow on Soundcloud, which says a lot considering I follow about 2000 artists now. Piercing lasers and crunchy bass, this track does not disappoint.


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