Hip-Hop, Rap | Anna Kendrick – Cups (Marc Goone Remix)

Posted by on September 22, 2013

Once upon a time I thought to myself, “if I hear one more rendition of Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’, I’m going to shove pencils six inches in to my ears.” Yet, here we are, with a remix to the Pitch Perfect anthem that I just cannot seem to get enough of. This song lacks a bass line, models, bottles and many other quintessential rapper items, however, it sheds light on just how versatile of an artist Goone can be.

There will be a pretty constant stream of remixes from the Yung man these next couple weeks, so keep your ears open and enjoy!

Chill, Trap | Daft Punk – Doin It Right (jellosea x audioMimic remix)

Posted by on August 8, 2013

Daft Punk - Doin It Right (jellosea x audioMimic remix)

Jellosea’s remix of Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” has been making its round in the blogosphere, and I recommend you all go on his SoundCloud page to check it out. I personally took the time to scout it for you, and came up with this remix of Daft Punk’s “Doin It Right,” which I think is amazing. I’m literally sitting here listening to it at the office on repeat and anticipating for the guitar to drop every time.  This remix makes the original sound better. I wish there was a free download to this tune, but for now we’ll have to settle with clicking the play button over and over again. This is a must listen!

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