Dubstep | Alvin Risk & Designer Drugs – Empty Hearted

Posted by on April 18, 2013


Big, big track from Alvin Risk and Designer Drugs. Crisp, dark vocals (presumably from Alvin himself — we know he loves to sing), a killer hook and cool, plinky synths all make this a must-add to your spring rotation. I’m basically just loving this track’s vibe (and, of course, those trademark Alvin “pew pews” after the drop) and hope that we see more like it from this formidable production combo.

iTunes: Alvin Risk & Designer Drugs – Empty Hearted

Events | South by Southwest 2013

Posted by on March 9, 2013

Next week, Fresh New Tracks will take on South By Southwest, the self-proclaimed “premier destination for all discovery” that sets the trends of music for the next year to come. SXSW is a film, music, and interactive festival that takes over the city of Austin for 10 outrageous straight days. The music festival is comprised of official and unofficial (usually free) shows, rooftop parties, party boats and buses and no to mention the most interesting collection of people you will ever see.

Allow us to give you a little taste of what went down last year…

Stayed tuned for Sev and Mimada’s Complete What-To-Do and How-To-Do-It guide after the break.


Dubstep, Preview | Alvin Risk – SKYCLAD

Posted by on February 25, 2013

Alvin Risk - SkycladIt is about time Alvin Risk had a good release. I am so sick of hearing sick new tracks in his live sets and then when he makes a release it’s one of the worst things I have ever heard. Sadly the official preview leaves out the most important part of the track that helps a person decide if they like it or not, the drop. Don’t be sad for long because I happened to find a little clip ripped from a mix that plays out what we want to hear. It is because of this that I have finally come to the conclusion that Alvin Risk still has it, he just needs to start making more releases to prove it. “Skyclad” releases March 5th on OWSLA.


Pre-Order: iTunes (US)

Low Quality, Longer Preview



House, Videos | Zedd performs “Clarity” live on the David Letterman Show

Posted by on January 4, 2013

A spot usually reserved for anyone but a Dj, Zedd made his US network television debut last night on the David Letterman show, performing “Clarity” live. Zedd displayed his talents on the piano, showing us his versatility as a musician, Foxes gives a B effort on vocals, some live great strings and most importantly Alvin Risk on backup vocals killing it in that scarf that Letterman wanted at the end. This just shows the power of having a major label (Interscope) behind you and the doors they can open for any artist.

Dubstep | R Rated #51

Posted by on October 18, 2012

Boom! Counterstrike just dropped this insane preview of one of their upcoming tracks off their “Fire” EP, dropping November 5th. The EP has quite a few awesome collaborations including one with the Black Sun Empire. This preview, though short, is epic, can’t wait for the EPs release.

KDrew does it again. The intro is awesome and just made me highly anticipatory for the drop. Completely exceeded my expectations.

RoughMath (previously Noir) is one of my favorite up and coming Dubstep producers. His tracks are always a perfect blend of melodic and filth, a difficult combination these days. Probably because he’s not trying to be like Skrillex like every other Dubstep artist, finding his own place within the genre.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t post anymore of these “Make It Bun Dem” remixes, this has to be one of the coolest I have heard. Cottonmouth has created some of the dopest remixes, mainly taking originals no one has ever heard. He used one of the coolest bass synths for this drop, it completely makes me careless of the fact its another remix of the original.


Dubstep | R Rated #49

Posted by on October 3, 2012

The picture for this post is about to make sense. The track below has a music video, this video is NSFW but it is something that is different from most videos of this nature. Considering that I decided the video was just not safe enough to post up, but if you took the time to read this then click HERE. The track itself is sick, Ninja Kore did an outstanding job on this filth.

Bassex has been an artist I have been following for a long time now, he has even made it up on FNT quite a few times now. This upcoming remix has an interesting twist of melodic with filth. The vocal samples seem unnecessary but the instrumental alone are worth it. The remix drops October 18th.

This year was supposed to belong to Alvin Risk, but instead he release a less than satisfactory EP…and that was pretty much it. Like Skrillex, he is sitting on countless mind-blowing unreleased tracks, but he lacks the fan support his mentor has and should really start releasing more. This remix of his is off the new Halo soundtrack. This remix destroys, it makes you reevaluate Alvin’s future…for now.

I know, there are not enough free downloads on this weeks R Rated, but do not fear for next week is our 50th installment. For now let this tide you over for what is to come. Torus has not released a freebie in some time, this remix is epically pleasing. The drop happens without warning, making you wonder if you are even still on the same planet.

Electro-House | Wolfgang Gartner – Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind EP

Posted by on July 30, 2012

After a weekend of nonstop action at Identity Festival, Wolfgang Gartner got down to business this morning and dropped a two-track EP on Beatport. My initial reaction to Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind is a resounding mehhhh; there are no big, infectious melodies a la “Redline,” “Flexx” or the inimitable “Illmerica” here, and while that’s not automatically a bad thing, the clean, simple and repetitive game has been played to more kinetic and spectacular effect elsewhere (ex: Afrojack’s “Pop On Acid;” Wolfgang’s own “Space Junk”). Maybe it’s just that I’m aggressively not feeling the whiny loop at the beginning of “Girl on Boy” (can’t help but think that Alvin Risk would have done something better there) but these tracks just don’t seem to go anywhere that interesting. But who knows, maybe they’ll wind up being awesome live. We shall see, I guess. Check out the EP and let us know what you think.

Beatport: Wolfgang Gartner – Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind EP