Hip-Hop | Travis Barker Ft. Kid Cudi, Aleon Craft, and OnCue | Hip-Hop

Posted by on March 9, 2011

I can’t believe how far Travis Barker is going in life just by playing the drums. He opened a new door to drummers everywhere. Playing the drums isn’t just a beat, but a lifestyle. Kid Cudi comes in on the track with his infamous style of chill verses that we all love. With the SICK drums and Cudi doing his thing, this is an all around KILLER track.

DOWNLOAD: Travis Barker – Cool Head (Ft. Kid Cudi) – MUST DL

Did someone say Outkast? No, but this ATL grown group sure as hell sounds like them. This track has everything that was great about Outkast, Big Boi sound a like busting raps on the mic and a beat that only Andre 3000 could have come up with. Not very many artist go with the Outkast vibe, Aleon Craft pulls it off flawlessly.

DOWNLOAD: Aleon Craft – Look Twice – FIRE

I was sad to hear that this track has nothing to do with OnCue’s upcoming mixtape, Can’t Wait. If this track didn’t make it, imagine how the tracks are that did. Hip-Hop seems to be dividing up a bit using electro, dubstep, rock, and indie like this. OnCue gives me faith that it’s not going to be a bad thing, and we should look forward to whats coming.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – It Usually Goes – INCREDIBLE