FYI | Paul Baümer Of Bingo Players Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

Posted by on December 18, 2013


Last night, the whole EDM community lost an influential, fun, and well-liked member. Paul Baümer, half of  the Dutch duo Bingo Players, passed away after his five-month battle with cancer.

This morning, his bandmate Maarten Hoogstraten posted the tragic news to the artists’ Facebook page saying:


Although the news came as a shock to many in the community, Paul posted about his diagnosis on July 19 after missing a series of summer performances. He was a character with many fans that looked up to him, especially after the Bingo Players’ hit track “Rattle” that debuted in 2012. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Look out for more updates from the FNT team.


Bingo Players: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Exclusive, Hip-Hop, Videos | Dylan Owen — Ghosts Revisited [Music Video & Interview]

Posted by on December 17, 2013

There are very few artists shy of national recognition who seem to have really found themselves as artists; those who have truly discovered their sound and taken advantage of how it connects and resonates with people. Dylan Owen most definitely has, and with each release his understanding of his sound—that carefully crafted blend of highly-skilled lyricism, indie song-craft, and honesty—becomes more illuminated. It’s no wonder that he’s gained such a tight-knit following as quickly as he has. He’s not afraid to wrestle with conflict or to embrace his vulnerability, and that’s where his talent as a songwriter and rapper pays off the most. Today, Dylan has let go of a new video for “Ghosts Revisited”, a song that originally appeared on his 2012 EP Keep Your Friends Close. The song has been revised and updated (and now features additional vocals by Kiah Victoria and Kaleigh Young), which is fitting, given the time since he wrote the original, and how the experiences depicted have shifted in his mind throughout time. To give you a better understanding of how this process began, what he envisioned for this version, and what we can expect to see next, I reached out to Dylan, and below you can see what he had to say.


Progressive House | Audien ft. Ruby Prophet – Circles

Posted by on December 7, 2013

audien ft ruby prophet circles
Audien has had a breakout year, and what better way to cap it off than with a track on the label that released “Leaving You” and that encapsulates the progressive Audien sound. This is the second collaboration between Audien and Ruby Prophet, following up their 2012 single on Zouk, “These Are The Days”. “Circles” has all the same stylistic similarities with a catchy melody, just the right amount of the vocals and the vintage Audien touch.

Beatport: Audien ft. Ruby Prophet – Circles


Abstract Hip-Hop | Premiere: Kaytranada – Hilarity Duff

Posted by on October 16, 2013

This is an instrumental affair. Kaytranada has been making appearances in the music scene left, right and center since his first major remix of Janet Jacksons’s ‘If’ back in 2012. As one of the biggest up and coming artist’s for 2014, he stacks this beat with heart-heavy bass and a great array of sounds to please your ear. It’s everything you expect/want out of Kaytranada which makes it so damn good.
‘Hilarity Duff’ is the B-side of ‘At All’, the new single from Kaytranada out now.

Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | Stereoshock Helps Me Get A Date, Explains The Tissues On His Desk & More

Posted by on September 29, 2013


April 19th, 2012, the day started just like any other. I had woken up a few minutes later than usual and after doing the math, figured that I would miss about five minutes of my first class. I then decided to skip the whole day and stay home. As per usual when I don’t go to class, I bump it up to twice a day. Two girls were texting me at the time so I was just super busy, the time that had been allocated for me to study and do the work that I was missing was pushed aside in order to make room to mow the lawn, like my dad had asked me to days prior. I didn’t mow the lawn and instead went to Best Buy to get some Beats by Dre Studio’s. I got them, in black for some reason, came home and bumped it up once again to three times a day. After my third Klondike bar of the day, making my bi-hourly visit to Soundcloud seemed like the next obvious choice.

It was then that I became acquainted with 20 year old, New York based producer Stereoshock, or as his mother calls him Josh Cohen. I was eating some leftover chilli at the time and accidentally spilled some on my shirt but it didn’t matter, because the song I was listening to was just so good. It wasn’t an original, but it sure sounded like it. At that point forward I was aware that an edit or mashup could be more than vocals thrown over an instrumental or simply interchanging two songs drops. Stereoshock has a level of sophistication in both his edits and originals that is not seen very often. Over time we’ve become friends, and he expressed interest in an interview, so I obliged. Be warned that this interview is extremely serious. We talk about only the most important topics that other artists refuse to.


Electro-House, Exclusive, Featured | Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash Feat. John Martin – Reload (Moiez Remix) [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on August 5, 2013

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash Feat. John Martin – Reload (Vocal Mix) [Moiez Remix]The original has to be one of my favorite tracks from 2012 still being played on the festival circuit, and though to some the vocal might have just have just been a violation of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, I think it made a great song, even better. Moiez makes sure to keep the builds largely in tact and takes full advantage of John Martin’s vocals, while flipping the script on the drop, adding his own pounding snares and percussion and mixing in the searing synth chords from the original. This may not fit with all tastes, but I am sure it will be a breath of fresh air to all ears who have heard the original mix many, many times. Stream it below through us exclusively for the next bunch of hours and then the rest of the internet will provide it for you.

Free Download: Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash Feat. John Martin – Reload (Moiez Remix) [FNT Exclusive]

FYI, Progressive House | Daleri’s Epic Mashleg and the Tragedy of Beatport Top 100

Posted by on July 10, 2013


There is a decent chance by now that you have heard this mashup by Swedish duo Daleri of the some of the latest hits sweeping festival main stages and gracing the top of the Beatport charts. Upon first listen you may think, well wow isn’t this a convenient little minute of noise that takes out all of those pesky and boring builds and is just straight huge, dope banger anthem drops. But when you actually listen, you see just how everything sounds the same.