Australian newcomer drops first taste of upcoming EP

Posted by on June 13, 2024

Eli is a new project from Melbourne, AUS based upcoming artist/producer Luca Pascucci who is making a unique blend of alternative-dance music with energetic-club and hyper-pop/punk influences, which can be likened to a mix between Skin On Skin, Bladee, and Nia Archives. His eclectic vibe is uplifting and the new music you can check out above now is a very impressive introduction to his sound. Read a quote from him on the release after the jump!

“This first song was the last one I wrote and produced. I made this one quite quickly over just a couple sessions while sitting on a friends couch in their apartment overlooking the shops and busy streets. I had been listening to Scan’s “Bees” on repeat for days and felt like I wanted to make something like that; high energy, rhythmically chaotic with a sense of ‘politely, fuck you’, and as I wrote the lyrics it became clear this was not going to be a typically written track; less ‘verse, chorus, verse’ and more of a continuous train of thought, almost as if it was freestyled. I wanted this track to open the ep as well as showcase the beginning of this project because I feel it very quickly represents what Eli is about. Energetic electronica, more modern club-inspired production, and self-reflective lyricism. The lyrics represent the way I feel about making music and what it means to me—the doubtfulness of creating and the feeling of being out of your depth.” ~ Eli