Ireland based label Outstraight Records Releases new EP

Posted by on March 9, 2024

‘Being Outstraight’ is more than just an EP; it’s a sonic journey through the vibrant energy of the 10-artist strong collective. With seven tracks that span the spectrum of hip-hop sounds, this release is set to redefine Irish hip-hop and place it firmly on the global map.

The lead single, ‘Drive Around,’ commands attention from the get-go. Graham, one of the collective’s talents, delivers a classic yet distinctly Irish take on hip-hop. With a nod to old-school boom bap and a chilled bassline, this track is reminiscent of hip-hop greats like Loyle Carner and Freddie Gibbs. Graham’s rap performance is intoxicating, drawing listeners in with its raw energy and undeniable authenticity. Check it out above now!