Aussie Producer re:abel drops new EP

Posted by on February 1, 2024

re:abel is a project from Melbourne newcomer Ryan Gasparini who is crafting a unique blend of Future/UK Garage electronica, which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Overmono, Burial, and Joy Orbison.Over the last few months Ryan has given us two mesmerizing aural treats with ‘Carbonceramics’ and ‘Concentrate’, while also making promise of a three-track ep headed our way soon. That ep is titled “Otherside”,and it is being released this week alongside its previously unheard title-track, on which he says…“The title track introduces a gentler, more nuanced side to my production. Distant vocals and soft percs build under synth hits and lush pads, building to an eventual introduction of sub-bass, thumping kick and fluttering arpeggio sequences, with the chopped, reverb soaked vocals driving the track throughout.” ~ re:abel

When he began working on this ep, Ryan set himself the goal of creating three songs that represents a certain element that drives him to make music. He wanted each of them to have a different overall vibe and mood while at the same time making us feeling a variety of different emotions.

“‘With this latest EP, I tried to create three tracks that each represent an element of what drives me to write music. Each of the three songshas a slightly different mood, but still remain cohesive with each other and firmly planted in the emotional electronic / UK-influenceddance field -music that leaves you feeling a melting pot of different feelings -both wistfully melancholic, yet full of inspiration and hope.” ~ re:abel

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