Electro-soul virtuoso Homemade Spaceship unveils debut album Ghost Ride The Spaceship

Posted by on August 25, 2023

DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Homemade Spaceship is a vivid world-builder. 

With a heavy, astral-inspired sound and electro-soul performance style, the Chicago-bred, Denver-based producer has spent the last decade making an indelible mark on the Denver bass music scene. His infectious music and stage presence – which sees him folding in electric guitar and flute into his earth-shattering DJ sets – have led to collaborations with soulful bass queen Maddy O’Neal and saxophone-wielding artist SoDown, in addition to performances at festivals such Sonic Bloom and Electric Forest. This journey has allowed him to display his evocative soundscapes to listeners not only in Denver, but to fans across the nation. 

With origins in metal music and hip-hop, the Homemade Spaceship musical ethos is defined by DIY sensibilities: the impulse to create your own outlets for self-expression, ambitious, individualized artistic endeavors that help you reach your inner-peace. As a result, he’s cultivated a wholly original sound that combines the heaviness of metal with the grooviness of electro-soul, translating his expertly-crafted, handmade sound design into cacophonous, bass-boosted bangers. 

Homemade Spaceship fully embodies this creative method on his debut album, Ghost Ride The Spaceship – a genre-blurring, full length project that showcases how his artistry is used as catharsis and a way to escape reality. Idiosyncratic, vibrant, and brimming with heavy bass sounds, Ghost Ride The Spaceship envelops listeners on a narrative voyage through the space-time continuum.

Listeners got their first taste of Ghost Ride The Spaceship with the LP’s lead single, “Electric Indigo,” a spacey, vivacious track that catapults listeners into an otherworldly realm with its lush electro-soul vibe. Next was “Astro Jones,” and then the trunk-rattling dubstep banger “Gassed Up.”

Ghost Ride The Spaceship tells a chronological story, kicking off with “Kick Dust,” a boom-bap-inspired track that combines its dusty hip-hop beats with extraterrestrial bass sound design. This opening song begins the story of a wannabe astronaut, who, desperate for an adventure, builds his own spaceship to blast off into space. “Astro Jones” is the name of an outer space being he befriends, and “Gassed Up” chronicles their boisterous, reckless travels through the cosmos. 

Next is the explosive, action-packed “SpaceBlaster,” which uses cowboy-themed guitar melodies and distorted laser synths to detail a shootout with space pirates. The ethereal, heavy 808-imbued “Interlude” then evokes the protagonists taking a wrong turn into a wormhole, while the soul-infused euphoria of “Elevation” shows them entering a strange new world. 

Electric Indigo” and the sample-heavy, sweetly melodic, and bass-inflected “Chaka” portrays our two characters coming to grips with their new life as astral nomads. The nostalgic tone and raucous dubstep wubs of “My Sunshine” show them setting sail towards the nearest star, while the blues-inflected “Voyage Pt.1” evokes their ascent into another wormhole, ready for their next adventure. 

The metaphor of Ghost Ride The Spaceship’s story is a relatable one, translating the universal mission of trying to find one’s purpose and place in the universe through immaculate production technique and ample amounts of bass and swagger. The LP also contains potent emotion that runs through its tracklist, articulating how the journey towards self-actualization isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s the turbulence that makes it exciting.