‘The Back Beat’ EP Showcases alice.km’s Epic Techno Skill In Full Swing

Posted by on August 8, 2023

On July 21st, the world will once again be reminded of the artistic prowess of the exceptional techno artist alice.km. With the impending release of her new EP, The Back Beat, on Eclipse Red label, she’s showcasing a variation in her sound by crafting up techno singles that she’s ready to show to the world.

Her two new tracks, “The Back Beat” and “Talk To Me,” are veritable auditory expeditions. The former is a plunge into a dystopian soundscape, characterized by pounding basslines and careful vocal placements. The latter, in contrast, retains the techno essence but infuses it with bare, seductive melodies that balance the relentless intensity.

alice.km’s journey is an inspiring one – from her early DJ days in Brooklyn, New York, to her illustrious EP that is now upon us – with over 120,000 Spotify streams, there’s clearly a demand for her music that can’t be denied. She had the opportunity to open for Drumcode’s Tempe tour, showcasing her skills and gaining exposure to a wider audience. alice.km also had the privilege of performing at prestigious events such as Dusk Music Festival and Arrival Festival by Move For Sol. On top of this, alice.km had the honor of providing direct support for renowned artists Marsh and Sacha Robotti.

The Back Beat EP is more than just a new release. It represents the journey of a human going through an evolution – who crafted sound into stories, and who doesn’t forget that it’s not about the goal, it’s about the journey.

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