Damo Cox Puts His Vision Of Minimal House On Display With ‘Wub Me’ EP

Posted by on August 2, 2023

As I look at the rich tapestry of music, it reminds me of the ebbs and flows of life, mirroring the artistic landscape painted by emotions. In this sprawling canvas, Damo Cox emerges as a painter, but of the underrated genre, minimal house. With his new EP, Wub Me, it feels like a blissful dance beneath a sunlit sky. The two tracks it offers are like two facets of the night – “Get With Me” evokes the exhilarating spirit of late night club dances, while “Deep Wubs” is a mellower, contemplative serenade, reminiscent of a sunrise set.

The journey of Damo Cox, coming from Australia, resonates deeply. He’s not just an artist but a phoenix, rising from a painful setback in wakeboarding to redefining his dreams in the world of electronic music. As he stitches together intricate sound designs, one can sense his embrace of house music’s essence while also keeping his sound’s distinctiveness.

His ties with the land down under run deep, with performances resonating at festivals like Splendour in the Grass. But it’s not just the festivals; his music, echoing in various corners of Australia, speaks volumes of his versatility. Sharing the stage with artists like Phil Smart and Dena Amy, and running his own radio show, what Damo has manifested is something hundreds of other artists crave. His journey, much like my own, is a symbol to the resilience of the human spirit, of the courage to reinvent, and the passion to create.

He took the time out to do an interview as well, check it out in full below.

Exclusive Interview

What inspired you to create the ‘Wub Me EP’ and what message do you hope listeners take away from it?

I wrote both at a point when I was going through a tough time with my mental health. It was a bit of a roller coaster! There would be some dark days, but on the other hand, with the good people I had around me, the light would shine through, and there would be some really good days. I wanted the EP to showcase the light and dark, so ‘Deep Wubs’ has those darker undertones and a deeper vibe, whereas ‘Get With Me’ is on the lighter side, especially with the bouncy bass line. The overall message is that even in those dark times, there is always some light around the corner.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind the tracks on the EP? Any unique elements or influences that you incorporated?

I really draw inspiration from so many different places. Artists like Chris Lake, Michael Bibi, Wongo, and Kyle Watson have been ones that I regularly draw inspiration from. Also, my good friend Craig Roberts, with whom I have a side project called GrooveJak, has been a really big influence on the way I produce. I also really love the way Liam Howlett from The Prodigy uses samples to create something that sounds new and original. That was definitely an inspiration for the use of the samples in “Get With Me”. I had been listening to a lot of Paul Kalkbrenner at the time too, so his deeper vibes were a bit of an inspiration for “Deep Wubs” and the synth on the track was inspired by “The XX – Intro”.

How do you feel your previous experiences as a DJ, producer, and audio engineer have shaped the sound and direction of the ‘Wub Me EP’?

Starting out as a DJ gave me a feel for what gets people moving in the club, so that plays a big part in the way I write and how I’ve shaped my sound. Some of my first productions lacked energy when I tested them out in the clubs, and so I learned a hard lesson early on and always to maintain good energy in my tracks. As a kid, I played the drums, so that helps me when I want to add a bit more energy to the groove. Doing my Bachelor of Audio at SAE in Byron Bay gave me a whole new appreciation for producing music, Mixing, and Mastering. It changed how I approached my projects creatively; it really gave me the tools to both know the rules and then think about how to bend them to make something different and define a sound that is mine. Starting “Sorta Kinda Music” has also played a big part in shaping my sound. Ky, who is the other half of the label, has eclectic taste in music and has introduced me to heaps of new sounds. I learn something new every time I work on a track with amazing artists from around Australia and overseas.

Day For It’ achieved great success, reaching #1 on the Traxsource Electro House Chart. What do you think sets this track apart and resonates with listeners?

It’s funny because that track really just started out as a bit of an in-house joke between myself and some of the artists on the label because it just had become the catchphrase of that particular Summer. I was tinkering around with another unfinished track one night, and thought it had a fun vibe but was missing something. Next thing I know, I’m recording myself saying the hook, ‘It’s a f***cken day for it’. When Heizer (Aus) and Just.Jax heard it, they wanted to make remixes. Then we had this whole package sitting there, so we released it under Sorta Kinda Music without any real expectations. We were all pretty surprised at the positive response to it. I think it just came down to having an authentic Aussie Summer vibe—a track that a few mates kinda cooked up over a few beers (back when I was still drinking) – and it doesn’t get much more authentic and Aussie than that.

With your extensive experience in the music industry, what do you see ‘Wub Me EP’ contributing to the greater house music community?

Everything is a learning opportunity, and with every release, I take something new away from it. This EP was created during a tough time in my life, which is also an experience that I have learned so much from. I’m a big believer in collaboration and supporting others in the community, so anything I learn, I’m always willing to share with others, whether they are artists that we sign to the label, artists I am lucky enough to collab with, or artists I mentor. Music also has a very special way of making people happy and connecting people, so my hope with this EP is that it resonates with the community and makes people feel good! Maybe it will help someone through one of those darker moments in their life and help them get back to a happier place. That would be nice.

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