Tadeo Fernandez & Amber Rothschild Team Up On Enchanting Deep House Single ‘Super Wild’

Posted by on July 1, 2023

Steeped in the vibrant rhythms of Miami and Guadalajara, the chart-topping artist, Tadeo Fernandez, has delighted us once again with his latest tech-house sensation, “Super Wild.” Boasting an electrifying blend of thunderous basslines and entrancing beats, “Super Wild” a single well-fitting for the clubs, promises a euphoric jolt that courses through its listeners.

Fernandez, known for his hit tracks “Peaceful” and “Deep Lies,” has now produced another gem that beautifully integrates the soulful crooning of Amber Rothschild. The result is a pulsating track resonating with high-energy soundscapes, offering a sophisticated, club-ready experience that leaves you craving more.

Fernandez’s track record boasts not only millions of streams but also successful collaborations with esteemed brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, MLB, and Absolute Vodka. “Super Wild” confirms his place at the apex of the music scene, demonstrating the same compelling style that has dominated music charts.

Indeed, with “Super Wild,” Fernandez and Rothschild have created a harmonious symphony that glows with in-demand style and emotional depth. The release is unmissable – showing off Tadeo Fernandez at his best.

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