Ahead of their EDC Las Vegas circuitGROUNDS opening performance, mysterious producer Modapit unveils mesmerizing live recorded set

Posted by on May 19, 2023


Newly-minted producer Modapit is an enigmatic artist emerging from the shadows of underground dance music. Shrouded in their signature fishnet veil, Modapit’s secrecy allows listeners to look beyond the artist and directly at what the artist wants to present: the juxtaposition between a gothic, edgy streetwear look and euphoric, swirling pop-electronic sounds. By removing the ‘ego’ of the artist, fans fully immerse themselves into Modapit’s disparate, fashion-forward multiverse. 

Modapit is revving up towards their debut album, a full-length project that promises to further spotlight the producer’s bold and diverse electronic music vision. By embracing the beauty of creative partnership, the LP will reflect the deeply collaborative tenets of the Modapit brand. Filmmakers David Borges and Carlos Perez have helped build out the Modapit universe, developing a stark visual aesthetic surrounding the producer’s mind-melding dance sonics. All together, they’ve crafted a funeral-rave vibe – a defining artistic ethos representing Modapit’s out-of-the-box approach and propensity towards detailed world-building. 

Now, the producer unveils their newest vision, a recorded, gorgeously-stylized DJ set at Las Vegas’ creative studio space Red Wall. Directed by David Borges, this 40-minute set complements Modapit’s rave-fueled DJ skills with mesmerizing lightning setups and an energetic assortment of songs ranging from edits of contemporary bangers (Mau P – “Drugs From Amsterdam [Modapit VIP],” Kx5 – “Bright Lights [Modapit VIP]”), to their own tracks (“Dancing [Live Edit],” “Falling In Love,” “Out Of Control”), to various unreleased Modapit IDs. Check the set out here.