ANDRO Drops new project, Conflict

Posted by on May 5, 2023

Andro, the rising solo artist and former member of Mercury-nominated band JUNGLE, has released his latest EP “Conflict” which is set to shake up the UK music industry. The EP, chosen by PRS Foundation’s new platform POWER UP, showcases Andro’s range as a musician and his ability to create emotional and compelling tracks.

Featuring three distinct tracks, “Conflict” is a journey through present, past, and future conflicts. The EP’s lead single “Natural” is a powerful 80s influenced track that explores the conflict within oneself and romantic relationships. “Physical”, the EP’s pop-heavy track, explores the emotional and physical conflict between Andro’s parents and its impact on him. The EP’s closing track “New Home” is a delicate, personal offering that represents the conflict with finding one’s place in the world and facing homelessness.

When asked about the EP, Andro explained that the tracks are powerful enough to stand alone, but when listened to as a trio, they represent the triquetra of conflicts experienced in everyday life through work, love, family, friends, and more. He hopes that listeners find themselves meshed in the lyrics and the experience of conflict (and hope) that so many of us have had in our relationships to others and ourselves.