CeddyJay Takes Listeners On A Powerful Journey With New EP, ‘Heartbroken In England’

Posted by on February 27, 2023

Born in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC-native CeddyJay was destined to be a well-known player in the music industry. Since his passion for hip-hop sparked at only five years of age, this unique artist has transformed into a renowned member of New York’s underground rap scene. With a style that is innovative and one-of-a-kind, CeddyJay has shown similarities between himself and groundbreaking figureheads like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

Launching the next phase in his career, CeddyJay begins 2023 by releasing his brand new EP, Heartbroken In England. Beyond its hypnotic rhymes and captivating soundscapes, Heartbroken In England tells an emotional story that pulls on the heartstrings of its audience. CeddyJay was inspired to create this compilation after venturing to England for love. Even though his love interests didn’t go as planned, CeddyJay has put everything he has into Heartbroken In England, making the most out of his hardships.

This EP is centered around sentimental struggles that most can relate to, keeping them locked into truly feeling the raw heartbreak and real-life experiences that CeddyJay has put into his music. There is much more to come for this rising artist as he continues to spread his distinct and gripping sound.

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