fknsyd Solidifies Her Identity As A Solo Artist With Debut Mixtape ‘Taste.test’

Posted by on February 22, 2023

Stemming from the mind of Sydney Fisher, fknsyd is redefining the barriers of genre with her signature style. Based in Austin, Texas, fknsyd first spent years in her hometown of West Palm Beach in Florida, cultivating her sound and tantalizing voice. With nearly 350,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, she has collaborated with the renowned artists of REZZ, SLANDER, Hex Cougar, Manila Killa, and more. Additionally, fknsyd has been featured on a variety of prime labels, such as Gud Vibrations, Heaven Sent, Nest HQ, and Secret Songs.

Determined to transition from being a “feature artist” to expanding her solo project’s influence, fknsyd has dropped her debut mixtape, Taste.test. The compilation starts the intriguing and mysterious vibes of “New Evils” and closes out with a cinematic masterpiece, “Sedation”. There are nine hypnotic tracks in total, each one embodying one-of-a-kind soundscapes and telling its own story.

Speaking on her inaugural mixtape, fknsyd shares, “’Taste.test’ is a compilation of songs I made over the last year or two. With my personal music, I do everything myself, and I don’t feel overly confident about most of the skills involved in that process. As much as I’d like to only share things I feel completely satisfied with, I don’t think it needs to be that serious, and I realize whatever that standard is for me will be ever-changing. It doesn’t make me happy to stockpile a bunch of music. I admire people who share their art, so to me, this is a step in the direction of feeling more comfortable doing that.” All together, Taste.test acts as a preview of the exciting things to come for fknsyd as she puts her heart and soul into her solo identity.

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