Denver trip-hop duo Since JulEYE collaborates with rapper/visual artist ProbCause and Emancipator/Manic Focus drummer Colby Buckler on “Fly Away”

Posted by on January 19, 2023

The Denver music scene is a tight-knit community, and the hotly-tipped trip-hop duo Since JulEYE reflect that camaraderie. Shattering genre confines with their uniquely-blended sonic stylings, Since JulEYE was born out of shared musical tastes and Denver’s warm, inclusive artistic identity. 

After initially starting as a solo project by DJ/producer/ Lev Averbakh, Since JulEYE recently added long-time collaborator and veteran keyboardist Todd Stoops (RAQ, Kung-Fu) as a permanent member. This new creative partnership has resulted in a vibrant mix of Averbakh’s bouncy hip-hop production with Stoops’ jam band sensibilities – a dynamic combination that has led to performances at Summer Camp Music Festival, Gem & Jam, Color Field, and Wavespell, where they’ve displayed their electric live sets. 

Now, Since JulEYE is revving up towards their debut album, The Dawn Of Since, a full-length project that promises to showcase its artists’ singularly aligned musical intuition. 

Listeners got their first taste of The Dawn Of Since with the LP’s lead single, “On The Scene,” a hazy, laid-back cut featuring Lettuce trumpeter and Denver hometown legend Eric “Benny” Bloom. “On The Scene” was the first track Averbakh and Stoops began together, and exemplifies how naturally their individual styles coalesce. The track was also released alongside a collaborative video with Microdose VR, a software that combines art, music, and dance into a real-time virtual experience.

Today, Since JulEYE release “Fly Away,” a psychedelic, hip-hop-infused bass track featuring rapper/visual artist ProbCause and Emancipator/Manic Focus drummer Colby Buckler. Shifting between different styles and instrumental elements on a dime, “Fly Away” showcases Since JulEYE’s acute collaborative ideas and unique genre-blending creativity.  

Fly Away” kicks off with record-scratching effects and a jittery boom-bat beat before introducing the track’s central, infectious bass melody. Then, ProbCause repeatedly sings the song’s title refrain, quietly underlying the arrangement’s deep, trunk-rattling bass tones. 

The track then takes a dramatic turn, transitioning into a section of rapid-fire breakbeats comprised of intricate electronic programming mixed in with live drumming from Buckler. Booming sub bass supplement the head-spinning beat before giving way to blazing synth chords and industrial sound design. Then, to tie it all together, ProbCause comes in with a tight, buttery verse, flowing over the instrumental with immaculate technique and wordplay. 

Expertly arranged, written, and produced, “Fly Away” portends a full-length LP with similarly vibrant, boundary-pushing experiments.