K. Noble Shares New Album Painkillers

Posted by on December 15, 2022

Karl Nobles, better known as K. Noble, is an artist on the rise from the southside of Chicago. He debuted on the music scene in 2020 and has dropped a series of well-received releases since then, including his debut album, Life is Pain, last year. The rising rapper is keen to continue his growing momentum and upward trajectory with the release of his new album, Painkillers, which is out now.

K. Noble is a huge fan of battle rap, which has allowed him to hone his skills on the mic, including learning different flow patterns, styles of delivery and freestyling. And all of this talent is evident throughout Painkillers, which is 12 tracks of straight-up authentic rap music that all hip-hop and rap enthusiasts will be able to appreciate. The album also features current single “Different Sh**”, which arrives alongside a compelling music video.

Speaking further on the new album, K. Noble says, “The inspiration for the album actually came from my second album, Life is Pain. Life is Pain was about enduring pain and overcoming overwhelming obstacles – during the entire recording process of that album, I was facing a serious health challenge. This new album, Painkillers, is about relieving pain and healing. It was during the recording process that the healing process began for me physically and mentally. 

“One of the main things that makes this project stand out to me is the fact that it’s a concept album and there is a story and a theme behind it. I feel that one of the most creative things that an artist can do is tell a story with music, and with this project that’s what I was able to do.”