Connor Kauffman Cuts Through With “Bleed”

Posted by on December 13, 2022

In the over played “pop punk” come back spearheaded by the likes of MGK and tiktok stars, it’s not often you’ll find someone doing something new and special in that world. Yet, Connor Kauffman is bringing a breathe of fresh air with his new sound. Connor’s toplines and vocals lean much more pop while the tracks feel grungy and rock leaning. It doesn’t have the generic pop punk melodies, but sits adjacent to the world living in his own little pocket. Music is not the only unique thing about Connor Kauffman, he also eats McDonalds 7 days a week, has a puppy golden retriever, and plays a role on the production side as well. The song is catchy and fresh so get ready to have this one on repeat.

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