ANTICALM Shares Ferocious Debut Single

Posted by on September 10, 2022

ANTICALM is a new rapper out of the UK with tons of high energy. On his first ever release and music video for “BOBS N BITS” he shows off his upbeat swagger and lyrical ability as a newcomer emcee on the British rap scene. ANTICALM is a great name due to how in-your-face and high energy this track sounds. Check out a quote from the up-and-comer on his debut drop below now and peep his visual for the single above now. Keep this kid on your radar, this one is a very impressive debut offering!

“I walked past a discount shop called bits n bobs when I was living in Manny! Walked home, flipped the chorus and recorded the track that day. Everyone talks about doing bits round here, me, I don’t do bits, I do bobs and bits. Simple!” – ANTICALM