Kimezaa Shares New Single “Young Boy”

Posted by on September 1, 2022

Kimezaa is a performer, producer, songwriter and poet coming all the way from Burundi by way of Montreal, Canada. His music is inspired by a legendary yet eclectic mix of artists such as Sade, The Weeknd, Bob Marley, Beach House and Kurt Cobain which you can tell on his latest single, “Young Boy”. While it is, genre wise, primarily an alt hip-hop / alt r&b song track it still dabbles into other soundscapes and spaces that make it more genre-less. Read a quote from Kimezaa on the new release below now and stream “Young Boy above!

“‘Young Boy’ is about the adolescent child with ambitions to be greater than their current circumstance. This song is for the people who will do anything to make their life better. It was inspired by events that have transpired in my life. Once I heard the instrumental, it brought me to a reflective place in which the hard times (like being homeless) began occupying my thoughts. This song is me at my most vulnerable state of being.” – Kimezaa