RN ISMO Chats About Tips For Young Producers, ‘All Night’ EP, Musicians He Loves & More

Posted by on May 27, 2022

RN ISMO is back with a 2-track EP on Ole Records. Doing what he does best, he’s produced some good-feeling house music that’s packed with energy and heart. All Night EP is the current focus, a follow up to All I Can Be EP, a release which seemed to be positive thing in terms of expanding his notoriety and showing off what he is capable of.

Pulling inspiration from the Detroit area, RN ISMO is in a great location to be pushing out the music that he loves. There’s a dedication and commitment to house music found in this area that is incomparable to any other space. Surrounded by the right community, it’s no wonder RN ISMO is able to capture the themes and excitement that each song does.

Having been supported by outlets like Dancing Astronaut and YourEDM plus now ticking up to a 100,000 total stream count, RN ISMO has plenty offer and it can be safe to assume the man has more music coming down the pipeline.

We caught up with RN ISMO who took the time out to answer questions regarding his All Night EP, advice for growing electronic artists, music he’s loving these days, and more.


How did All Night EP come about and how did it end up getting signed to Ole Records?

Answer: After my success with remixing Detlef (see… Detlef – Dub Clap (RN ISMO Remix)), I started to appreciate the minimal, deep tech culture. I started studying artists like PAWSA, Detlef, and Eddy M while referencing their tracks in a process.

After I had a few ideas finished, I started to search for a label. I stumbled on Ole Records by sheer accident while crate digging tracks through Beatport. Once I listened to their catalog, I knew it was a great match. I reached out and the rest is history.

What advice would you give to artists just starting out who wanted to get signed to labels and grow generally?

Answer: I am extremely passionate about helping younger producers succeed. Back in 2017, I had zero knowledge of producing…just a passion for the music industry. Here are a few takeaways that I learned over the years…

  1. Commit To The Process

Easier said than done. I was pretty much in the dark..learning from 2017 to 2019… I was just engulfing information about music production. My music sounded like absolute garbage, but I kept at it…I committed to the process.

This industry has its peaks and troughs. Train your mindset to focus on the ups and navigate through the downs.

Sometimes we think we are facing a death valley in the process. But, it ends up just being a slight bump on the road. The road to success is always under construction.

  1. Find Mentors (And Groups)

Back in 2020, I was accepted to join Icon Collective, a prestigious school for music production in Los Angeles. However, I decided to decline due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I pivoted my attention to private mentoring via Zoom. During the height of the pandemic, many artists opened up doors to share their secrets and processes. I was fortunate to learn from many greats like Westend, Dillon Nathaniel, CODES, Ernesto, Qlank, AceMyth, and many more.

These mentors have helped me establish my foundation. I didn’t have to second guess my decisions, but rather discuss my path with successful artists in the industry.

Mentors are your shortcut to success.

  1. Pay Attention To Opportunities

Remix contest? Instagram DM? Show that has networking opportunities?

These are just some of the opportunities that increased my growth over the last couple of years. My remix on Issues (for Detlef) was part of the remix competition run by Woodland Records. I participated and I won.

I Instagram dm’d many producers for 1on1 lessons during the height of Covid. This is the most effective way to find mentors. I even dm’d Chris Lake…and he responded!

I didn’t get a session with Chris, but his response back just validated that big artists do read their dms. It is all about the numbers game. Keep asking your favorite producers for a session and you’ll never know who responds.

P.S. Many artists opened up groups for music production! I am part of the Kick & Bass group on Discord (ran by Westend), which gives many opportunities to network, grow and support.

Cannot recommend this group enough! It has an incredible amount of intangible information to succeed! Also, check the Wave Point community and Country Club Disco community on Facebook.

P.S.S. Check out Twitch channels for Ernesto, Chris Lake, and Space Yacht to continue your education!

For more info on this check, this video I made to get you started…

Finally, come out and support your local scene. You’ll never know who will run into. Those relationships cultivate and marinate opportunities. Just keep showing up. Trust the process and doors will open.

Supporting your local scene is a crucial part of establishing your base in a city that can help your growth over time.

What artists are you currently enjoying and listening to on repeat, if any?

Answer: I have been obsessed with PAWSA recently. He defies minimalism and confidence. I was super happy to see him live in Miami during Miami Music Week. A lot of my production stems from referencing PAWSA.

Were there any mentors that helped you achieve the success you’ve attained today?

Answer: I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help from Westend, Dillon Nathaniel, CODES, Ernesto, and Qlank. These fellas continue to push me every single day. I am so grateful for them. RN ISMO is nothing without their incredible help.

I also want to thank Black V Neck, Andre Salmon, and Lee Foss. Conversations I had with them have tested my understanding and pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

Is there a specific genre of house that you dig the most?

Answer: I am really into dark minimal these days. I really enjoy abstract production that tests the waters of each sub-genre. There are so many hidden incredible artists out there waiting to be discovered.

Check out Brian Kissler – Such A Sweet Ability (this will get you started… have fun in a rabbit hole)

What do you do to help get into a creative mindset to make music?

Answer: Study your favorite artists! 2/3 of my projects stem from referencing tracks that I dig the most. I can reference the arrangement, key of the track, and swing of the groove.

When I am not motivated, I still spend 2 hours or so in my DAW working and studying references. I take it as a professional…clock in and clock out mentality.

It forces me to sit down. The Key is to work. Your expectation should be sitting down in your DAW consistently. You shouldn’t be thinking about finishing or perfecting your track. Just keep sitting down and the magic will happen.

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