Yamato Drops Joyous & Dynamic Electronic ‘Essentials’ EP

Posted by on May 26, 2022

Essentials EP is a must her jam from the Japanese artist known as Yamato. Yamato has been in the game for years and has accomplished so much in a short amount of time. His most popular piece of content would have to be his recorded-in-detail DJ sets. This is where he places himself on-sight at a location that is typically very eye catching. From there he shreds on the DJ hardware- showing just how deep and vast his skill set is behind the decks are.

Yamato is top class when it comes to DJing, so much so that he was actually a technical developer of the Pioneer CDJ’s. This is an accomplishment few can say they have done and speaks volumes about the passion hard-work that Yamato brings to the table.

Reverting back to the EP, Yamato can clearly kill the game when it comes to his production skill as well. Essentials EP features 4 tracks that, in all, are starkly different from each other, but no so different that they don’t fit in the wheelhouse of what he know and love from the artist. Exceptional songwriting and well-selected collaboration partners were parts of the positive process that played a roll in this EP being a success.

Yamato is always up to something new, check out his YouTube channel and his social/streaming platforms to see what he bring to the table next.

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