Dead Weight Set To Ignite Career With Furious Riddim Tune ‘The Swarm’

Posted by on May 26, 2022

There are few tunes that take over your senses and grab the entirety of your attention from the start. Yet, “The Swarm,” is one of those tracks that does exactly this. The very first seconds hint at the insanity that follows momentarily. Listeners are not left disappointed, tension and pressure begins building up and dark melodies are injected into the space. A barbaric nature is one way to describe the lawlessness, all-hands-on-deck theme that Dead Weight channels through the song. The drop comes and an enormous wave of bass-fueled power is at hand, slamming the samples back and forth as filthiness becomes the centerpiece to takeaway from the moment.

“The Swarm,” follows up “The Sore,” and “Nativitas,” the three tracks exposing what Dead Weight is about and the sound he’s going for. Across his catalog so far, there’s a consistency that is felt. His style is eerie, heavy, and could make those unprepared have a feeling of their skin crawling.

Dead Weight isn’t an unplanned, spontaneous type of alias that was half-heartedly put together, quite the opposite actually. Known as Ollie, the solo artist has a plan for what he wants to do with this alias. Physically, he appears on stage with a face-paint look that draws from the death-metal space of the broader rock world. The messaging in the brand seems to pull from this line of art as well. Visually and audibly, the experience is raw, gritty, and not afraid to melt the brains of those who come in contact.

Expect more from Dead Weight as this entity keeps heating up and expanding on the principles that the project has set in place so far.

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