Flynninho Drops Party-Starting Single ‘Sicario Mode’ On Pharaoh Phonix

Posted by on May 18, 2022

Appearing on his label for the first time ever is Flynninho with the release of “Sicario Mode.” Inspired by the movie under the same name, the track celebrates cinematography in an unexpected manner, utilizing sounds from films in every single part of this track. With that said, this track is a banger, structured as a house tune capable of pleasure club-goers. “Sicario Mode,” has drops that sends sensations throughout the body, the design in this area making it hard to put the track down. Flynninho is a dude who has no issue going hard, as his other track’s show off, “Sicario,” fits right in when it comes to what’s safe to expect from this solo DJ/producer.

Dubbed as the ‘modern day rockstar of electronic music,’ Flynninho is building name for himself and quickly. The man keeps himself busy – throwing shows, staying regular with productions, and keeping industry heads at bay by consistently putting himself out there. A lover of rock music himself, a wide spectrum of genre influences is what he pulls from to render the beloved productions this man makes.

“Sicario Mode,” is one part of a bigger essence that is Chicago-based Flynninho.

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