‘Veneno’ Is A Must-Watch Dance Video Thanks To Gian Varela & Steve Andreas

Posted by on May 15, 2022

“Veneno,” is a infectious song with a catchy flow from the very start all the way to the end. The track reflects a melting pot manifestation, combining multiple styles of multiple artists alongside multiple genre influences. At the root of this experience is Gian Varela pulling together the right team to bring forth a timeless sound and a video experience that tightly latches on to the senses. Although the video itself is easy to understand and is essentially smooth and seamless, the lyrics are in Spanish. With that said, no matter what language you speak, there’s so much visually and sonically that appeals with “Veneno,” that the cross-cultural aspects of this content supersedes the aspects that may not be understood.

Circling back about the audio-aspect, the tune traverses a pleasent space between Latin music, pop, and electronic. Things move easily from one measure to the next, the vocal hooks are easy to get stuck in ones head and the beat relevant and enjoyable.

“I wanted a record that could work globally as a pop-ish record, but make it unique and Latin. So I thought: What would a guaracha record sound like if it were fused with a Dance/Global Pop Record sound? I got to work and “Veneno” was born.”
– Gian Varela

Having performed at EDC Mexico, Beyond Wonderland, and dozens of other clubs, bars, and festivals around the world, Gian Varela is a gift that keeps on giving.

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