Adam Wissman Shines On Stunning Debut Album, ‘Empire”

Posted by on May 14, 2022

Nashville-based guitarist and music producer Adam Wissman has created a
unique blend of electronic beats fused with instrumental guitar music with his debut album “Empire”. The album represents his journey through life as a songwriter, musician, and producer.

Officially released in April 2022, it is the culmination of 3 years of music production
and songwriting. Most of the album was composed after Adam graduated from College, where he studied Jazz Guitar. During this period of time he drew inspiration from his favorite artists CHON and Berried Alive. Within this unique

There is something for every listener within this body of work. Whether it’s the heavy dubstep inspired banger “Outer Worlds” or the chill, catchy melodic lead guitar in lead single “Empire”. The songs were Mixed and Mastered by David Shuhandz and produced by Adam Wissman.

While Adam Wissman has been showcasing his unique and diverse sonic style for some time now, his freshly-released debut album ‘Empire’ truly showcases his full artistic vision. Adam has been involved in music one way or another throughout all of his life, playing the guitar since the age of 8, recording in his home studio since he was a teenager, performing in multiple bands, and much more.

The largest part of the tracklist was composed after the artist graduated from College. Versatile and stunning, ‘Empire’ marks just the start for Adam Wissman’s creative journey. Keep up with Adam’s latest works by subscribing to his channel on Youtube and following his Spotify.