Ryan Vandal Debuts First Track Ever With ‘Single For Now’

Posted by on April 9, 2022

Ryan Vandal is making the right moves in 2022. Having been doing DJ work for years and built up quite the reputation in this arena, he’s now going full force into the realm of producing. Vandal has released his first track titled “Single For Now,” packed full of attractive components that would appeal to a wider electronic music audience and beyond. Blending sounds from guitar plucks to poppy synths, the instrumental side provides a fitting backdrop for the vocals to make maximum impact. This paired up with a pure-sounding piano house inclusion makes this release well-rounded from all angles. From his branding to the growth of his music, Ryan Vandal is scoring high marks and is clearing aiming to capitalize on his momentum this year.

From upstate New York, Ryan Vandal has had big dreams of becoming successful in music, which inspired him to become a DJ. Having played shows around the nation and even internationally, he’s experience a lifestyle that many dream about but few actually achieve. He’s played in dozens of venues and has been booked for events of all sorts, whether that be private, corporate and televised.

The man is a machine and he shows no sign of slowing down, check out “Single For Now,” and dive into what this man is all about.

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