juuku Taps in with Farrah on “Heart Strings

Posted by on March 20, 2022

juuku and Farrah connect on their new single “Heart Strings” and it will without a doubt hit you right in your feels. Collaborative production isn’t always an easy thing to do, who’s making exactly what on the track can get complicated a lot of the time, but these two clearly had a game plan here for “Heart Strings” and whatever their work flow was they should stick to it. Listen above now and read a quote from the two on their release below!

“‘Heart strings’ is the brainchild of what an emotional, nostalgic, and a beautiful soundscape of controlled chaos would sound like. When I close my eyes, I envision being at a beach with a loved one during a sunset and all the bottled up feelings are released without strings attached. juuku and Farrah’s euphoric and hard hitting styles capture what that being in love may sound like.” – juuku x farrah