Chomper Makes His Pharoh Phonix Debut With House-Focused ‘Check It’ EP

Posted by on March 2, 2022

Chomper’s Check It EP is a step forward in many ways, not all of which are plainly obvious. The EP dropped on the brand new label Pharoh Phonix, which was launched at the start of this year thanks to Thomas Xavier. In terms of sound, the EP makes an awesome impression. Catchy vocal samples, joyous deep house basslines, and a generous amount of entertaining bells and whistles all collide together an organized, orderly manner to make this experience sensational.

Both tracks featured on this EP have qualities that stick with you and are overall on point, but “Peekaboo,” is particularly catchy. There’s just something about it. The “Peekaboo Peekaboo / I See You,” fits in beautifully with the classic/club house flow that is being brought to life. Pair this with intensely dirty basslines and you end up with a tune that’s hard to turn off.

Currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chomper makes the music game seem easy. He’s a wiz when it comes to taking soul-stirring vocals and connecting them up with a proper beat that does them justice. His career more or less started off on the DJ side, where success took off quickly. He’s done dozens of show and even had chances to boast his stamina, performing 6 hours set that blew the lid off the audience.

Check It EP is a great next step for Chomper as he begins to focus more on the production side of his career.

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