Medii ‘Binary Blue’ EP A Start To An Epic Journey From The Duo

Posted by on February 18, 2022

Medii’s Binary Blue EP is the start of a journey that plays out like chapters in a book. This EP features a total of 4-tracks, all of which mostly include, synthpop / electro-pop / indie-electronic vibes. Putting that into context, the writing and the small details is what really brings what’s happening on this EP to life.

“Digital Love,” is a fulfilling and sunny start to the EP. The beat itself is easy to click up with. After the vocal comes in, sharing a warm and buttery timbre, you’re now invested for the long run having been won over by many euphoric production aspects all flying through your speakers.

“Walls,” is a sensible next step in the pathology of this EP, made up of many of the cues the first song laid out. The energy and fantasy-oriented components that this adventure is all about becomes more prominent. Seemingly inspired by the genre of new wave, it’s the vocal work that captures the limelight on this one.

“Razors Edge,” adds a level of diversity to the quality of Binary Blue. More real-world instruments take place while the electronic samples take a bit of a back seat. Putting that into context, there’s nothing obtuse or awkward about it’s inclusion. Another smooth step is an exciting series.

“Tell Me Why,” is all instrumental tune, this is something not found on the previous 3 tunes and adds that much more flavor to what is at hand. Light vocal samples pitched up fuel the personality while enlightening synths pick up on the rhythm end. This track is a natural closer and helps wrap up what was just taken in.

Binary Blue EP is just the start of what Medii will be dishing out this year. The plan is to drop 1 more EP and then compile Binary Blue EP and this upcoming EP is one album, featuring the reveals off the earlier drops while also sharing brand new songs on the album itself.

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