Hei$enberg Drops “Bald Headed”

Posted by on September 20, 2021

Texas-based artist Hei$enberg releases new track Bald Headed. When speaking about the meaning of the track, he states, “I wanted to bring a trap/street sound with this record. It also gives the listener a little bit of my background. This record means a lot to me. It is proof that I have real talent, and I feel like I haven’t missed any of my releases yet. The quote would be, please don’t call my phone if you not talking about cutting a check.” Rapping changed his life after being released from federal prison on drug trafficking charges in 2012. Hei$enberg used rapping as escapism; he uses it to express his emotions, thoughts and feelings. Bald Headed is a chill flex track; the trap beat coasts smoothly. Be sure to check out ‘Bald headed’ and Hei$enberg’s other tracks.