Cooper Glass Drops new ‘Seasons’ LP

Posted by on September 11, 2021

Following the success of his previous singles, Cooper Glass returns on the sccene with his ethereal new album album ‘Seasons’. His hybrid approach and style should help the up-and-coming rapper stand out among the mass competition in the hip-hop space. The new LP is a culmination of glistening synths that create a delicate backdrop, pockets of glimmering electronica, and Cooper Glass’s voice being the driving force that guides the project throughout, welcoming listeners to his carefully curated dreamworld. Check out a quote from Glass below and stream his new album above now!

“This song [Play It Cool] is about somebody who is in over their head in a foreign environment. It is easy to want to panic in these situations and freeze up. By taking a breath and playing it cool, you can then adjust to situations or states of mind.” He adds, “Fall is the closing song on my album, and is meant to be somewhat of a redemption. It is about facing your issues head-on, no longer running from them, and coming to the realization that it is okay to go on a different path in life than those around you.”

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