“Icarus” by juuku will tear down dance floors

Posted by on August 12, 2021

juuku is a force to be reckon with. The song holds a controlled power as it slowly builds in vibes and layers, spiraling into a tremendous explosion of booming trap injected vibes that still have an emotional backdrop to them. The pulsating layered vocals throughout really help bring this one to life, and each time the song builds its use of layered sonics can be heard expertly coming into play: bleeding into a repeating phrase that closes out the three-minute auditory experience. Check out a quote from juuku below:

“Ive been searching for a new sonic landscape to add onto my vision. I’ve pushed myself more and more every single day just to find a sonic emotion that describes me at this stage of my career. Icarus pushes these boundaries for me, and i’m able to find a new dimension to the music that has made me whole”

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