Spiderhound Finds Exciting Eccentric Sound In Single ‘Phlame’

Posted by on July 23, 2021

“Phlame,” is one of the more original leaning works that has crossed my path in a while. It fastens together spicy influences from the experimental bass side of electronic music, the single virtually goes out of it’s way to be explicitly original – a factor I am very much digging on. Minimalistic percussion and enhanced effects delivering the exotic atmosphere that the remainder of the track builds on. In a matter of moments, hard-rap vocals come on the scene and preach a message of self-preservation and personal reverence.

The bridge of the track gradually lowers the volume down to a point of near-silence, the next measures bring “Phlame,” back with very light orchestra work and a pinch of melodic vocal verses. As psychedelic as the track begot, it finalizes and leaves a bit of something to ruminate on.

Spiderhound is at the center of the action when it comes to the production work behind “Phlame.” His history is multi-lateral and speaks for itself. Most relevant to this song becoming a reality more than anything is his skill-building being guided by mentors Mr. Bill and ill.Gates, 2 highly respected artists in their own right. Authentic and going for more depth in what he produces, Spiderhound is an underrated, lucky find within the electronic music universe.

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