Sony Norway’s Arista Records Sign ‘Deep End’ Collaboration From LAVIN And FWA

Posted by on July 15, 2021

LAVIN and FWA are a match made in heaven when it comes to organic synergy between two budding artists. “Deep End,” has that highly illustrious energy about it where passionate production work simply comes out in full force. The single is instantaneously emotional from the get-go, sending chills down the spine with is gorgeous draw. The track is a perfect montage-maker with it’s ability to romanticize any context it is put in.

LAVIN and FWA were brought together partly by chance and party by efforts. Norway-based duo LAVIN were browsing through various demos, in the mood to click up with some great sonic euphoria and take it to a higher plane. FWA fell on their plate and rest is history. The connection was made and “Deep End,” was born.

LAVIN has clocked some serious help when it comes to boosting their career. Artista Records is a Sony Music-backed venture, with the partnership taking it’s lead via Sony’s Norway division.

This is more than likely the first of many for both LAVIN and FWA, “Deep End,” a meant to be collaboration that will surely maintain it’s quality as the years pass by.

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