Sofia Biancardi Drops “Need You Now”

Posted by on June 29, 2021

Pop sensation Sofia Biancardi recently shared her new single “Need You Now”, where she gives nods to some of her major vocal influences such as Adele and Florence and the Machine, bringing a powerful Pop ballad to life Sofia is a ‘third culture kid’, singer-songwriter, based in London, UK. Having started singing from an early age, inspired and supported by musicians in her family, she discovered her passion for songwriting and performing, which led to her moving to England at 16 to pursue a future in the performing arts industry. The enticing new single is well worth the listen and can be streamed above now and Read a quote from Ms. Biancardi on the release below!

“Most of us have experienced a toxic relationship on some level, whether that be in a friendship or romantically. The song was created when I was faced with the reality that by not letting the other person move on, you’re selfishly hurting them because of your own needs. Letting go can be painful but holding on when you can’t or won’t give them what they deserve is cruel.” – Sofia Biancardi