The BreakBomb Project Joins Forces With Ryan Violet On ‘Drugs Don’t Work’

Posted by on May 22, 2021

The BreakBomb Project is something you got to watch out for and “Drugs Don’t Work,” is the latest reason why. Already climbing to the 15,000+ plays point in a short amount of time, one of many positive traits that The BreakBomb Project tends to bring forth again and again is successful music.

Since July of 2018, singles like “Breakdown,” “Fly Away,” and “Up Til’ The The Morning,” show how he’s gotten to where he is today – all catchy tunes and all fitting into his universe, The BreakBomb Project, aka Brandon Greenstein, knows what he wants and how make it come to life in his tracks.

Circling back to, “Drugs Don’t Work,” The BreakBomb Project seemingly brings together some of the best sonic variants heard in past releases and collides them together on this track. Tapping Ryan Violet for the vocal track to be mixed in with the production, a phenomenal showcasing of runs, spirited story-telling, and more all work in sync with the instrumental to give it an edgy nature.

Released on label Overdrive, which is based in NYC, this in your face experience is something to gawk at, bare none. A creative idea come to life, “Drugs Don’t Work,” hits the spot.

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