‘5AM’ Strikes With High-Octane Terror Thanks To Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampire

Posted by on May 13, 2021

Dubstep reaches a new peak thanks to the creative efforts of two touring talents Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampire. “5AM” boasts all the hallmarks of a thriving banger, the massive standout traits being the technicality and sheer terror this song does no shy away from. With Kung Fu Vampire on the vocal and Action Paxton bringing in the hard bass, the mixture here is undeniable – the sudden-ending design making the replay value sky-high.

It’s no surprise these two know have to make a song smooth and organic when heard, these two have been buds for years. Though Action Paxton has his thriving solo alias, he’s also the drummer member of the Kung Fu Vampire live band. This extra advantage helps Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampire capitalize on their years of creative synergy between each other. The end result is “5AM,” being a doozy of a single rendered that will stand the test of time.

The odds of this heater being played out is high. Both multi-talented solo artists here have 20+ years of touring experience under their belt, with fans around the world awaiting the next tour dates announcements.

Don’t miss out on “5AM ” in full above.