Indie-pop duo HARLOR shows us they’re all about those “Heart Games”

Posted by on April 9, 2021

Emerging indie/folk duo HARLOR have dropped their new single “Heart Games”. The vulnerable single shares the oh-so-relatable tale of falling for someone you know it’s never going to work with. The track is ripe with sweet, sentimental lyrics carried by the stunning vocals of Nick Gerard, who tells us that the track is about real life experiences: 

The title ‘Heart Games’ is a parallel to someone playing mind games, but in this instance you know what’s going on. They’re playing with your heart, not your head. The record ebbs and flows to different places as you progress through the song. I think that’s the coolest part of this record, the growth it experiences in just a few minutes.”

Producer Max Anthony brings to life the moods of “Heart Games” with his uber-polished, yet perfectly complex production style. Marrying guitar driven instrumentals and atmospheric vocal production, “Heart Games” builds from a softer, folk-driven track, into a hard-hitting indie anthem that’s a must listen for all lovers of the genre. 
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