FNT Premiere: Kantor Drops Eclectic Mid-Tempo Single ‘Blasted’

Posted by on March 30, 2021

The Kantor universe is one of the most immersive and complete that an electronic music fan can connect themselves with today, in terms of rising talent. From the imaginative sounds of “Hacker,” to the exploratory trap realms of “Concrete Jungle,” there’s a certain level of color and stickiness that only this guy seems to be able to deliver.

That vibe continues on with his March 2021 released titled, “Blasted.” Very much embracing a mid-tempo structure and stuffing the theme full of low-end, club-friendly vocal samples and an all around hype vibe. “Blasted,” fits right in with what we are used to from Kantor, without sacrificing originality. The drop hits hard and proper, with several technical, yet well-placed ‘tings and tangs,’ embedded into the structure of this particular part.

“Blasted” is a record I believe fully encapsulates my style: the true combination between bass music, techno, and house. I have always wanted to combine those 3 genres and this truly reveals to the listener what type of journey they are going to be taken on in the coming months and years. This is just the beginning of that journey, so expect to hear insane basslines, thick kick drums, subtle melodic elements, and tons of crazy percussion!

– Kantor

Kantor has been able to build in his other talents into his electronic music career as well. His video for above-mentioned “Hacker,” – as well as his photos shared on socials – showcases the electronic musician performing sport video-game Dance-Dance Revolution in a way that organically fits. This example is one of many creative and dynamic attributes that plays as a positive and doesn’t distract/take-away from the uniformity important to the artist-to-fan flow. Kantor has been supported by Alison Wonderland and even invited onto her radio show. The solo female DJ has gone on record to say great things about him. On top of this, Kantor has played well over 150 shows across his 10+ years in electronic music. You can expect more from him in the future, in the mean time, “Blasted,” certainly will suffice.

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