COTTA Returns With Funky New Single “Better”

Posted by on February 4, 2021

Described as “the lovechild of the late 1980s and Maggie Rogers,” COTTA always strives to be her authentic self, and is one of the brightest up-and-comers out of the south-east Queensland music scene, delivering intimate lyrics about her experiences with love, loss and life. COTTA is truly an artist to watch in 2021, releasing her soothing piano ballad “Wings” last year, and now returning with yet another gem, motivational anthem “Better.”.

Filled with dancefloor-ready drums, funky guitars and catchy vocal lines, “Better” is an infectious and empowering single. With its release, COTTA definitely raises the bar and showcases her versatility, as it’s clear by now that the singer and songwriter can craft smooth ballads as easy as uplifting bops.

“I wanted to write a breakup/moving on anthem – but not an anthem at someone else’s expense,” explains COTTA. “So much music out there is all about, ‘you suck and I don’t, I hate you but I’m also totally over it’ and I can’t stand that. It’s not legitimate and it can actually be damaging, long-term. That’s why the chorus says, “I’m not getting bitter – I’m just getting better”; I feel like the most important part of a breakup comes from working on yourself and growing through it to become a new you by the time you’ve grieved and healed. ‘Better’ is just a real ‘throw your hands in the air and dance’ kind of track, that I hope reminds anyone going through something that they are getting better. And hopefully this song is played a lot throughout those realisations!”