‘Hooked’ By Danny Spade Releases A Colorful Dance-Pop Vibe Easy To Replay

Posted by on December 14, 2020

Danny Spade hits all the high moments and more, capturing an essence all his own while nailing a cute escapade in the story itself, with this single. The blend is some-what refreshing on that note in particular – collectively benefiting the emotional and pro-production backing up the work.

“Hooked,” has serious replay value that won’t be soon forgotten.

With a story of experience and curiosity himself, Danny Spade is far from novice in the career hierarchy. The Graduate of Berklee School of Music struck relative gold with his first single – garnering over 100K quickly once released.

The draw of the sound and a personable window into his world through socials, Danny Spade blends much to offer those who take the time to listen.

Spade is set to release more in the future, his sound and brand clearly developed and on an incline.

Listen to “Hooked” above and click through if you enjoy what is heard.

Check out the Danny Spade discography here as well.

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