“The Times” By Harry Marshall A Refreshing End Of The Indie-Rock Artist Perspective

Posted by on December 10, 2020

“The Times,” an inspiring and alluring experience from the one and only Harry Marshall, is an awaited single from his ever-growing fanbase.

With the audio out today and a full-fledge video set to release on December 11th, Marshall’s teenage at-a-whim performances have undoubtedly blossomed over many years into a career now taking him places never before dreamed.

His latest work, “The Times’s,” is hard not to give into. Waning, echo-enchanted backdrops lowers ambitions of those who listen to the rock-infused song. An open-minded state is now primed, putting you into a more clear mood to hear what the vocal story of Marshall conveys.

There’s much to unpack and replay value is certainly there with this one. His sound inspired by many gritty and raw atmosphere’s, but laced with soul on the topline – a fascinating and enriching spectrum to expand on is apart of the Harry Marshall attraction.

With many signs pointing toward more content, more music, and more to look forward to for the solo artist, don’t miss what’s the hear and now below.