LARS AND THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN Shares the Catchy New Track, “Invincible”

Posted by on September 29, 2020

The intro section where he briefly talks reminded me a lot of Lou Reed, which was enjoyable. Along with the catchy-ness and nostalgia for the audio of “Invincible” by Lars and the Magic Mountain, it also comes with a beautifully shot visual. Lars and The Magic Mountain is the new band of Dutch musician Lars Kroon of Yacht punk band St.Tropez. For years Lars had been dreaming of forming a cult-like art band, in which he combines all the things he loves in music – sparse chords,?droney vibes,?and big sounds, both spacey and symphonic. Songs that feel like they could go on forever…and he’s done just that with his new album, which he describes as a “super space pop drone experience,” delivering an overall soothing message that deals with hope, devotion, sincerity and love.  Check out “Invincible” above now.