Don Barclay drops mellifluous track “Breathe”

Posted by on September 20, 2020

Scotland bred, UK based artist Don Barclay has only been releasing music a little over a year but his upward journey is impressive and should be inspiring to other up-and-coming musicians. On his new single “Breathe”, it really encapsulates his effortless, raw talent. With twangy instrumentals, and warm vocals, the track breathes life into classic indie-folk with a subtle hip-hip influence. Check out a quote from Barclay below and stream “Breathe” above now.

I wanted to paint a picture of strong emotion of turning your life around and looking at love differently. It is about the journey of 2 people who are meant to be together and the power of strength and honesty. I struggle to see the positives in some situations and this song is about ripping away my negative attitude to love and being in the moment to be happy together and be the best partner I can be. I had a dream one night – it was like a one shot camera going through a kitchen with 2 people trying to figure things out. I remember it was in a flat in London with very hazy summer light shining through after a full night of conversations with the air still still outside. Then in the same dream I was on a flight and saw these beautiful city lights and it was sort of an epiphany of change. Like – if you want to do something just keep moving forward. It doesn’t matter if it hurts keep moving, keep going. I wanted to make this song as personal as I could, so the middle includes a recording my partner sent to me from a poem she wrote me. It was such a personal creative thing which I loved to include- I have never done that before.” – Don Barclay