“The Answer” Is Provided Thanks To Vince Serrano & Kiture’s Fresh Hip-Hop Original

Posted by on July 5, 2020

Melodic yet tough, deep yet catchy, the single, by Vince Serrano & Kiture, builds their strengths together on a music-based united front. Clear vibration with bass and energy on one end and passion received vocally on the other, a dope intermingling of talent comes to life on “The Answer,” a practical single that may be more than needed in these times. From start to finish, the work has several pressure points to keep you listening and engaged. Both rising talents here have rich history, Vince Serrano having credits on 25 music videos to his name and both Vince Serrano & Kiture have built up their industry presence with plenty of collations over the years.

With solid positioning and a sound that’s on-point, “The Answer” is certain to go places in 2020.

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