Coast Modern Gets Trippy on “Puppy Llama”

Posted by on November 1, 2019

“Puppy Llama” is a total breathe of fresh air… Even if I cannot fathom whatever type of animal that is. L.A. based band Coast Modern’s tripped out new indie pop single just feels right. The song itself is a thrill ride that feels like white-knuckling it on Diddy Kong’s mining cart, careening down glittering crystal mine shafts, whizzing around hairpin turns to reveal heaping piles of bananas and shimmering riches with each turn. The boys also add in a dash of timely reggaeton and reggae rhythms, a chirping Indian sample, and psychedelic swirls to create a veritable cornucopia of ecstasy. This is one of the most organic tunes I’ve heard in a hot minute and I’m ready for more new Coast Modern immediately but can sit on this one in the meantime.. Please just don’t take another few years to drop new music this time around! Listen to “Puppy Llama” above now.