Bass artist kineption’s Experimental-Tinged ‘Squid Season’ EP A Turning Point For Panhandle Artist

Posted by on July 30, 2019

Based out of the panhandle of Florida, experimental bass-leaning DJ/producer kineption dropped Squid Season. The three-track EP showcases and journey’s through Ian Scroggin aka kineption’s vision of the genre he’s embedded in – the tracks having their own original moments to take in, while individually carry commonalities between as a ‘traditional’ EP should. Great wubs and weird moments aside, these tunes have a swing to them, the rhythmic percussion giving the EP flow and danceability. How the weird and the rhythm came together on the EP is where I found some of the most enjoy. Squid Season has much to offer.

kineption is active IRL within his genre as well, himself and fellow DJ’s bringing hype and heady shows to the greater Destin, FL area. The group presence locally, collectively labeled “Positive Collaborations,” continues to grow and solidify as the vacuum for grass-roots fun in the panhandle region becomes satisfied. People are sleeping on the gulf coast, don’t let Squid Season go under the radar.

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